You Ask – We Did

Animal Needs & Info have asked you the public what you like to see on Animal Needs & Info. We made this page to tell you all what we did.
P = Public
A = Animal Needs & Info
O= Owner

P – Change the homepage 
O – I am working on the news page quite a lot lately to make it look good. Me and my team will be useing the homepage to keep members of the public up todate with anything that amy happing with the site we have also added the Southampton Rabbit Rescue logo to the homepage and a link to and are planning to add 3 – 4 more logs from other animal rescues or websites

P – Make an event list 

A – Animal Needs & Info have made a event list and you can see it by looking clicking on the 3rd icon at the top of website 

P – Add more photos 

A- Animal Needs & Info have added more photos to the site and will be adding more photos soon 

P – Keep staff 

O – Unfortunately we have lost 2 Facebook admins down to surton matters my team hear at Animal Needs & Info mean a lot to me and I like to make sure that they are okay and if they seem upset or off task with the work they are doing I tell them to take some time off and come back when they are better. Some of team memmbers chose to leave down to not being able to wrok on the site or other things they work on. Me and my team dint like seing are 2 Facebook admins leaveing but I do whats best for them me and the website assistant are running the Facebook pge until a later date

P – Add a slideshow to the home page

A – Animal Needs & Info made a homepage video for the homepage but unfortunately we had to takeit off because oit was freezing on Apple iOS ipads 

O – I will be seeing what I can do to fixs this problem and added a homepage video when it is possible


P – Update the RSPCA and Dogs Trust pagfe 

O – Me and my team dont have control over what goses on to the RSPCA and Dogs Trust page all of the information is whats I’ve been asked to put on the page and only change and update if asked so