You Ask – We Did

Animal Needs & Info have asked you the public what you like to see on Animal Needs & Info. We made this page to tell you all what we did.
P = Public
A = Animal Needs & Info
O= Owner

P – Change the homepage
O – I am working on the news page quite a lot lately to make it look good. Me and my team will be useing the homepage to keep members of the public up todate with anything that amy happing with the site we have also added the Southampton Rabbit Rescue logo to the homepage and a link to and are planning to add 3 – 4 more logs from other animal rescues or websites

P – Update the homepage

O – I have added loads of new things to the home page we hope you like it

P –   Add photos to the pages

A- We have added lots of new photos to the pages on Animal Needs & Info

O – I will be finding some more photos to pages that do not have photos on all ready

P – Add more information

O – All of the care and welfare information you find on Animal Needs & Info is updated often

P – Add photos of your team

O – I have spoken to my team about this and they are happy to have photos of them on the meet the team page