Veterinary also know as a vet is someone who helps and looks after pets that maybe ill or unwell a vet also dose a (health check) to make sure that the pets owner is looking after his/her pet okay and to make sure that that the animal is in a healthy way.

The vets also microchip peoples pets like dogs to help identify who the animal be longs to and can also help when your pet goes missing. Vets also gives animals medicine to mkae the animal better and will do what ever is needed for that animal at the time.

Some vets are called farm vets and they do the same as what normal vet do they just go to a farm and get’s call out when a famer is in need of a vet. Some vets are called In the middle of the night or early hours of the morning and this can be for a number of resons and all vets do animal first aid.

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