Rabbits make a great pets for adults and supervised for older children but not suitable for younger children. Rabbits are social animals should not be kept alone. Rabbits are more happy when they have a friend. Your pet rabbit must have access to clean water and have their water bottle filled up 2x a day also the water must be clean water everyday.

Rabbits have mostly hay and rabbits can eat mixed up rabbit food or just normal rabbit food and can eat “some” veg and greens also carrots are high in sugar so only give your rabbit a little bit of the carrots and can also have rabbit milk drop but not a lot only give them about 1 or 2

(Rabbit Food)

  •  Hay
  • Brome
  • Timothy 
  • Grass 
  • Oat
  • Orchard 
  • Unlimited grass hay
  •  VEG – A variety of fresh greens daily
  • PELLETS – High quality pellets
  •  TREATS – Small amount 1or 2 per week

    (BIG No)

    • Chocolate ” Poisonous “
    •  Cookie’s
    •  Crackers
    • Breakfast
    •  Cereal
    • Yogurt drops
    • Pasta
    • Bread

    (You Will Need)

    •  Rabbit food
    • Veg 
    • Hay
    • Bedding
    • Dropper bottle 
    • Saw Dust
    • Cage /Hutch 


    • Dull look in the eye
    •  Lethorgy
    •  Loud teeth grinding
    • Loss of appetite
    • Constipation / diarrhea
    • Discharge from eyes or nose
    • Bloated abdomen
    • Labored breathing
    • Unexplained weight loss

    Rabbit Breeds

    • American 
    • Engilsh Angora
    • Frecheville Angora
    • Beigan Hare 

    (Photos Belong To Pexels.com)

    Food, Grass, Whater

    Barley Straw  (Rabbit Bedding) 

    (Rabbit Food, Toy)

    Wood Shavings, If you’re rabbit use a litter tray then this is perfect to use

    Rabbits need clean drinking water and must have their drink bottle filled up 2x a day

    Rabbits needs lots of toys to play with

    (Photos Belong To Animal Needs & Info)

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