Animal Accommodation

Suitable accommodation is required for all pets and is the owners responsible to make sure that all the needs are met for an animals accommodations. Animal accommodation is the place your animal lives in such as a hutch, cage, dog kennel. To help pet owners know what is required for “suitable animal accommodation” Animal Needs & Info have made a list below of what (is suitable) and what is (not suitable)

 Suitable Animal Accommodation

  1. Lots of space 
  2. Feel Safe 
  3. Big enough for your pet to play 
  4. Able to run around 
  5. Big another for your pet to turn around
  6. Able to express normal behaviour

 Not Suitable Accommodation

  1. To small 
  2. Cold & wet
  3. Not able to turn around 
  4. Not able to express normal behaviour

Any advice on Animal Accommodation please email us at 


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