Take up the reins whether you’re new to riding or looking to get back in the saddle, there are lots of riding schools and centres to help you make the leap
Information about horses below

Food- they eat roughage throughout the whole day which is stuff like grass, chaff, alfalfa, hay, haylage.
They also have what we call hard food so stuff like pony nuts, oats, sugar beet, corse mix and similar horses food

Equipment they need – there lots of things they need and depends on the horses and there personal needs

How fast they run depends on the horses as well

To clean horses- you would use a grooming kit which consists of a body brush, dandy brush, rubber curry comb, metal curry comb, mane and tail comb, face brush, water brush, hoof pick, minimum of 2 sponges, tail bandage, plaiting bands, pulling comb, scissors,


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