Hamsters are small, cute and active. Hamsters make brilliant pets if you’re thinking about getting one, it’s important to learn as much as you can about how to care for a pet hamster. Hamsters go in a hamster ball (15 to 20) minutes and they need cleaning out once a week. Hamsters live alone because hamsters are territorial nature. Hamsters life spam is (2-3) years and hamsters eat (Carrot, Chicary, Broccli, Pean, Peach and banana). If your hamster is scraching and loosing fur from around the neck or any where else your hamster has mites and needs to be take to the Vet’s. Hamsters need clean fresh food and water and must have all animal welfare needs met

Hamsters can eat mixes dry food containing seed, grain and nuts and can also eat. Small amounts of apple, pear and cabbage. Do NOT give your Hamster citrus , such as oranges, as they’re too acidic.
Also Syrian Hamster live up to (2 – 3 years) and must be check by a Vet about every (4 – 5 months)

Animal Needs & Info. Syrian Hamster. Information about Syrian Hamsters below
Syrian hamsters are one of the most common species of hamster there are also the largest. They make great pets also Syrian hamsters are suited for young children BUT not all ways (Animal Needs & Info will recommend to keep an adult for support)

Hamster Breeds 

  • Syrian
  • Campbell’s
  • Winter White
  • Robotics
  • Chinese

Hamster photo

Hamster photo 2











2 thoughts on “Hamsters

    • Hi Kylie

      Sorry about your hamster have you looked at your hamsters eyes to see if there is anything in the eyes?

      Your hamster may sleep on one of its sides to much.

      Your hamster may have a allergic reaction to something you are using I.e bedding or food including treats.

      Try a wet cotton swab and open the eye gently we hope this helps and call the vet to see if they can help you in any way We hope your hamster gets better soon please email us to let us know how your hamster is and for more care help and tips animalneedsandinfo@gmail.com

      Animal Neeeds & Info Animal Care Team


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