Grooming Advice 

Grooming Advice


Dog grooming is very important for dogs including dogs with a long or big coats Grooming gets all the dirt out of their coat and also stops matting. You should groom your dog several times a week

Cats grooming helps to prevent feline and health issues and removes any loose hair and dirt. You only need to groom your cat 1 or 2 times a week. In less they are long haired then they need grooming every day. Cats need good and healthy paws to scratch and achieve this is why it’s important to keep your cat paws clean

Rabbit grooming is to prevent illness and remove mats. Grooming your rabbit will also help you find any problems with your rabbit

Hamsters are very clean animals and and don’t need extra grooming apart from what hamsters do need grooming especially if they are on their own. Long haired hamsters get dirty and may all so get mats
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