Ferrets part of the Mustelidae family and can eat cat food, pellets, chicken, beef, pork, turky and egg. Ferrets diet is high in animal protein and fat with very little carbohydrate.

 Ferrets are social animals so will need a friend to play with and to keep company. Ferrets are very active and will need lots of things to play with and to keep them occupied. Ferrets can live in a cage with lots of toys to play with and will also need a ferrets nest so there is some where to hide and cool down and will also need clean drinking water and food in their cage.

When its hot you must make sure that your ferrets have enough drinking water and places to cool down. You will need to put a fan in the room to help keep the room cool and your ferrets cool and make sure they do not get to hot and over heated and keep them out of he sun light.