Dogs and Puppies

Dogs are great pets to have and make a great family pet when you get a dog you will need to stay calm and give the dog time to get use to his new home and get use to you and other people living  the household. 

Dogs love to go out for walks and love good old run around some dogs like to have a friend and love to plays with toys. 

Dogs can eat dry or wet dog food and you will need to make sure you are giving your dog the correct amount of food and make sure they have fresh and clean drinking water. 

Dogs can also have treats but make sure you dont give them to many treats because your dog make get unwell. Dogs will also need to be groomed and if you dont get your dog groomed your pet must also have flee and worming treatment which you can get from your vets 

Dogs also need to see vet every couple of months for a health check and just to make sure that your dog is getting the correct animl care and welfare required for that pet 

What Will You Need 

  • Dog bed
  • Dog food
  • Dog drink & food bowl
  • Dog Leeds
  • Collar
  • Dog toys


    Puppies make great pets and will need lots of time to get use to you and it’s new home you will need to house train your puppy and you will need to give your puppy time becuse if you rush your puppy it may get confused or not understand

    When you are training your puppy you need to stick to only a couple of words and dont gochanging them because your puppy will get confused an will not understand

    When you feed your puppy you need to buy it (puppy Food) you will need to get toys soyour puppyndose not get bored. You also need hide any thing thts puppies may get like kids toys, electrical things.

    When you go out try and not to be too long and if you are going out for most the day try and get a family member or friend to look ater your puppy why you are out.

    Just like dogs and other pets your puppy will need to see a vet to get its jabs and to make sure  that your puppy is all okay and to make sure that your puppy is getting the correct animal care and welfare needs required for that pet

    You Will Need

    • Dinner bowl
    • Lead 
    • Collar 
    • Toys 
    • Water bowl

    Dog Breeds 

    • Affer Pin Scherzo
    • Barnet
    • Cairn Terrier 
    • Dach Sunday



    Photos Belong To and Dog Wallopp


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