Cats & Kittens

Cats come in many ways and still have lots of love to give. Cats are a fantastic pet for any kind of household also cats love to play and explore. Some cats like to go outside and explore. Some cats prefer to drink away from their food bowl because of cat hygiene also cats can only see shade of blue, yellow, green. Cats can hit a stop speed of 30 miles per hour and believe it or not cats brain is smaller then a dogs brain. Cats are more active when it’s dark just like wild cats. You feed them kitten food until they are 1year old. Some cats like to go outdoors and walk around the street and spend most of their time outside this allows the cat to express its normal behaviour some other cats like to spend time indoors and not go out what is completely fine and if your cat stays indoors your cat can still express their normal behaviour by playing with toys

(Male is called a Tom
Female is called a Queen
Baby is called a Kitten)

( You will need )
▶ Toys
▶ Cat bed
▶ Litter
▶ Cat tray
▶ Cat food
▶ Food bowl
▶ Drink bowl

When you get a new Kitten in to the household you must be kind and careful to allow the kitten get used to you and approach you. You must remove any objects that are not appropriate for the kitten and ensure that doors to object , e.g) washing machines, are kept closed at all times. first you will need to feed them kitten food then graduly introduce adult food as they grow older. If you have any other pets the kitten can be introduced to them at 8 weeks old

Cat Breeds 

  • British Short Hair
  • Ragdoll 
  • Birman 
  • Persian Cat 

▶ Cat litter and tray
▶ Carry cage
▶ Food and drinking bowl
▶ Cat Litter
▶ Kitten milk / Meat
▶ Cat toys
▶ Cat bed

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