Animal Cruelty

Every 4 to 5 years 4 million animals experience animal cruelty. Animal cruelty is so upsetting and is not fair for all the animals that are going through all this sadness and abuse. 

So many animals go through this but thay can’t ask for help thay are stuck in a sad nightmare and when Animal Needs & Info get told or have other animal websites and company’s telling us about the effects to all of the wonderful animals that go through such a upsetting thing it’s so upsetting and they need YOU if you see any animal cruelty please call and report it to animal companies such as RSPCA, Dog Trust, SPCA and so many more

Signs of animal cruelty

  • No food or drink
  • Too fat or too thin
  • Left in it’s own poo or wee for months on end
  • Broken / Harmful object

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