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Animal Needs & Info are here for you and your pet and we are an animal care and welfare advice website. We help members of the public with all kind of different animal care and welfare advice based on the animal. We have a dream and that dream is to grow the website and help people with animal care and welfare even more than we are now. Animal Needs & Info are hoping to change Animal Needs & Info into a business one day and do more to help animals in need of help. We help members of the public with all kind of things and questions and we want to say from all of us at Animal Needs & Info thank you, thank you for the support, thank you for all the trust you put in to us and thank you

(Please note that Animal Needs & Info are not responsible for your pets health and we are not a vets)

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(7th July 2017 – 1st August 2017 the active times will be 11:00am – 9:00pm)

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